The Symposium on Space Educational Activities (SSEA), organised by the European Space Agency’s Education Office, provides a forum for university students, professionals working in education, and other young professionals to present and discuss their experiences organising, running and/or participating in Educational Activities related to Space. After successful past events in Padova (2015), Budapest (2018), and Leicester (2019), the 4th SSEA is to be held on April 2022 (the 27th, 28th, and 29th) in Barcelona, Spain.

The local organisation team is led by the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya · BarcelonaTech, with the close collaboration of the Institut d’Estudis Espacials de Catalunya (IEEC) and the Institut de Ciències del Cosmos (ICC-UB).

The goals of the SSEA are the following:

  • To enable educators (both curricular and extra-curricular) to showcase and share their experiences providing/supporting space educational activities at the tertiary education (i.e. University) level
  • To enable tertiary education (e.g. University) student and young professional participants in space educational activities to share their educational, scientific and technical results and experiences. 
  • To provide a forum for discussion on the current and future state of tertiary-level space educational activities in Europe. 
  • To enable educators (including University students and high school teachers) to showcase and share their experiences in providing space educational activities for the secondary (e.g. high school) education level which ‘bridge’ the gap between secondary and tertiary education. 
  • To provide networking opportunities for both space education professionals and for participants in space education projects/activities. 
  • To elevate the understanding of academic, industrial and government institutions/organisations of the importance of hands-on activities and specialised training and learning opportunities in the preparation of the next generation of space scientists and engineers.

The Symposium will also be an important networking point for students, educational and research institutions, and space companies offering opportunities to the next generation of space scientists and engineers. About 300 participants are expected to attend the 4th SSEA. See you in April in Barcelona!