The Organising Committee believes in a free and open society where everybody has equal opportunities regardless of their age, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, political or religious beliefs, socioeconomic status, etc.

Diversity can only enrich and enhance scientific and technical environments, thus we aim to make the Symposium as diverse as possible. A particular concern in this field is the gender breach that still affects academia and particularly engineering studies, as well as the big
economic differences between rich and developing countries.

Thus, we commit to focus on the following items:

  • Promoting the participation of women and members of minorities in the Symposium by getting in touch with organisations fostering diversity in the field.
  • Creating a fund for scholarships to be awarded to those coming from outside Europe and/or in need of financial support. Those applicants coming from countries with lower development indices will be prioritised, making sure that scholarships are coordinated with other grants that may be offered by institutions such as the European Space Agency.
  • Enforcing a zero-tolerance policy against sexist, homophobic, or racist speech or conduct, as well as discriminating and exclusionary conducts in general. A protocol will be designed to ensure that our Code of Conduct is respected. Support and care of any person being a victim of such conducts will be provided.

Are you a member of a minority, coming from a difficult social or economic background, or in need of any specific help or support? Are you a grassroots organisation working on equality and/or diversity and willing to contribute to the Symposium? Get in touch with us at!