Being a Symposium made by and for students, the role of social activities in complementing formal academic learning is very important. There will be Social Events on the 27th and the 28th afternoons. Both events are devoted to inspiring and building a community, with the aim of expanding the borders of the topics covered by the Symposium.

27th April 2022 (afternoon): Experiments and Demonstrations at UPC – Terrassa

During the first Social Event, exciting scientific experiments and demonstrations will be performed live to the audience at the Main Theatre of the UPC – Terrassa School, a historical building dating from 1901. Attendees will be served drinks and snacks. After the experiment’s demonstration, participants will also have the opportunity to visit the wind tunnels, test stands, and other specialised equipment from laboratories in which research related to space science and technology is performed.

Transportation will be provided from the Symposium Venue to the Event Venue at 17:00, and back at 20:00.

28th April 2022 (afternoon): Talk at Barcelona’s Science Museum

A refreshing talk on Space Exploration by a renowned personality will be delivered at Barcelona’s Science Museum (CosmoCaixa’s) auditorium, with an estimated duration of 45 minutes. For the rest of the time, participants will have the opportunity of visiting the expositions of the Museum, attending a show at the Museum’s Planetarium, making use of its café or wandering around other facilities such as the outside gardens.

Transportation will be provided from the Symposium Venue to the Event Venue at 17:00. Afterwards, buses will transport participants to Barcelona’s Astronomical Observatory for the Symposium’s Gala Dinner, with estimated arrival time at 20:15.