At the Organising Committee, we are very concerned by the negative impact that many human activities can have on our environment. Each one of us has the responsibility to think before acting, effectively detecting and avoiding those conducts that can lead to the depletion or pollution of natural resources.

When organising and managing the Symposium, we will make sure that our footprint is as reduced as possible. Inspired by the spirit of the Climate Emergency Declaration of the Government of Spain and the UN Sustainable Development Goals, we aim to implement the following measures during the Symposium:

  • All of the badges and welcome items given to attendees will be plastic-free.
  • Paper used for printing and writing throughout the Symposium will be recycled paper.
  • The Symposium Venue will be equipped with bins allowing separation of waste for effective recycling or composting.
  • During lunch, metallic cutlery and glass cups will be provided, avoiding plastic in any case.
  • During sessions in which drinks and snacks are served, as well as coffee breaks, cardboard plates and cups will be provided, avoiding plastic in any case.
  • The possibility of hiring electric or hybrid buses for the transportation of attendees will be assessed, and in any case using diesel-burning buses will be avoided.
  • The Proceedings of the Symposium of Space Educational Activities will be published electronically.

Furthermore, we will closely work with organisations fighting for a more sustainable life at our campuses and research centres, helping us to achieving as much as possible a zero-waste Symposium and to effectively monitor our development in that regard.

If you are an individual or an organisation working on advancing sustainability and are interested in getting in touch with us, we would love to hear from you! Email us at!

The Symposium’s Organisation has a member in charge of overseeing it in sustainability terms and they will be in direct contact with the experts from external organisations.