• Will the event offer an on-line mode for those who are unable to attend in-person?

    Yes. We are currently working on the infrastructure needed to ensure that anyone who is unable to come to Barcelona due to government or company-related restrictions can follow live the conference as well as present their abstracts. A partial refund will be made if they have already bought the ticket or, alternatively, a reduction in the price of the ticket will be applied. We will require official documents proving the restrictions.

  • Will I get refunded if the Symposium can't be held due to COVID-19?

    Yes. We are optimistically hoping that by April 2022 the virus outbreak will have been overcome. In case this is not true, attendees will be offered the option of receiving a full refund. If needed, the Symposium will be held online. In that case a partial refund will be offered to attendees who still want to attend the conference.

  • Will social distancing and sanitary measures be guaranteed if COVID-19 is still a public health concern?

    This pandemic has hit on every aspect of our daily lives and there are for sure changes that have come to stay. Even if the pandemic has been overcome, we will make sure hygene and healthy requirements are met and we will provide attendees, if necessary, with hand sanitizer, masks and any other support they might seek. Social distancing will be guaranteed.

  • I am worried about taking public transport to get to the venue. What would you recommend?

    We understand the personal stress and health concerns that travelling in a crowded public transport might bring. We will provide a list of nearby accommodations to minimise the amount of transport needed. Barcelona also has an optimised bus network which is often less crowded than its underground and we encourage you to make the most of it.

General FAQs