We have set up a scholarship fund to help students pay the cost of registration and travel to the Symposium, with the aim of addressing equity and diversity goals. A limited amount of scholarships are thus available directly from us.

SSEA sponsorship covers the reimbursement of the early-bird student registration fee and provides a maximum reimbursement towards travel and accommodation of €500 (payable on production of receipts).


You are eligible to request a scholarship if meeting the following requirements:

  • Having submitted an abstract. Scholarships will not be awarded in the case of abstract rejection. In case of abstract acceptance and scholarship award, the full paper must be submitted before the deadline (22nd of March) in order to keep the scholarship and receive any payment.
  • Being less than or 26 years old.
  • Being enrolled in an educational or research programme or having been enrolled in the last 2 years.
  • Not being subject to a full-time work contract.

Documents to provide

A complete and valid application will consist of:

  • Proof of identity: national identity card/document OR passport.
  • Latest proof of enrollment in an educational or research institution programme.
  • Transcripts from your current or last academic institution.
  • Bona fide declaration indicating that you are not subject to any full-time work contract.
  • Motivation letter. Answer 2 questions: indicate why you want to come to the SSEA and how you fit into it (max. 200 words). Indicate how the scholarship may help you personally, in alignment with our equality and diversity goals (max. 200 words).
  • Curriculum vitae (maximum 1 page, plus 1 page of list of publications if available).


All required documents must be sent to scholarships@sseasymposium.org before December 15, 2020.

Awarded scholarships will be announced on January 18, 2020, together with the abstract selection decision. If a student is awarded a scholarship, they will not be able to receive another one from any of the partner institutions, such as ESA or ISU.