Given the growing uncertainty and public health concerns due to COVID-19, the organising consortium and the European Space Agency would like to inform you of the postponement of the 4th Symposium on Space Educational Activities to April 2022.

The new dates of the event will be the 27th, 28th and 29th of April of 2022, in Barcelona (Spain). While we understand this might be an inconvenient and unexpected decision for some of you, we believe the possibility of providing the best face-to-face Symposium for all students, researchers, and professionals in space educational activities will be more likely met in the prospect of an in-person event with networking opportunities and social events.

We hope this extension will give you all enough time to submit an abstract and take part in the 4th SSEA, the cradle of the space sector.

Stay tuned and don’t miss the upcoming registration and Call for Abstracts!