Thank you for your interest in submitting your work to the 4th Symposium on Space Educational Activities. Note that all papers must be original and not simultaneously submitted to any other journal or conference.

Please kindly consider the following instructions for a successful delivery of your abstract:

  1. Download the following template (pdf file). To avoid software incompatibilities, we strongly recommend that you open the template with Adobe Acrobat.
  2. Write (or copy) your Abstract in the template. Please notice that the Abstract will be blind (your authorship and affiliation details should not be added in the document).
  3. A figure/image summarizing the results of your work is required, and up to 5 references can be provided. Both shall be included in the template.
  4. Once the Abstract is finished, you have to submit it using the Easy Chair tool. To do so, follow the link, create an account, or use your existing one, and login.
  5. Once logged in, click “make a new submission”. You will be able to provide the authors names, the abstract title and at least 3 keywords.
  6. Select between one or two of the following topics:
    • Space science (projects in astronomy, astrobiology, physics, chemistry, Earth observation science, space medicine, engineering, etc.)
    • Science projects involving ground & airborne facilities (drop towers, parabolic flights, etc.)
    • Space technology (design of missions, subsystems, components, etc.)
    • Land & aerial vehicles (including UAVs) in the context of space education (design and prototyping, robotics and control systems, space exploration, experiments and applications)
    • Small satellite missions (mission design, spacecraft systems and instruments, development and testing, access to space, low cost solutions, experiments and applications)
    • Space education (strategies, programs & initiatives)
    • Mitigating the impact of COVID-19 in space education
    • Employer engagement in student projects & education
    • Space for sustainability, equity and diversity (fulfillment of the UN sustainable development goals)
    • New Space opportunities (new business models, space roadmaps, space market, etc.)
  7. Upload your Abstract (pdf file).
  8. …and submit!!!!

This Call for Abstracts will be open from 14th June to 1st November 2021. For any questions regarding the Call for Abstracts process, please contact

Hope to see you all in Barcelona!