Tuesday 17th September

*Please note the bus time to campus has now changed to 18:15 for the public talk this evening*

Dinner arrangements

Tonight we will be listening to a public talk by Dallas Campbell, on the main campus, below is a list of restaurants within walking distance of the university campus, they are located in two main areas: the city centre and Clarendon Park (a suburb in between the city centre and the conference site).

There are many more options beyond these, but here are a few we would recommend.

If you are after cheap and cheerful (and a heavily authentic Leicester student experience) close to the campus:

The Loaded Dog, London Road (super cheap pub/bar)
The Old Horse, Victoria Park Road

Clarendon Park

Cradock arms - good English pub food (longer walk from campus than the others, but closer to Stamford Court)
Jones Cafe and Bistro - good food and service, may be busy
Barceloneta - Spanish tapas and bar 
100 & 6 - small plates 
Fresco - Italian

City Centre

Marquis Wellington - good English pub/restaurant food
Landsdowne - good English pub/restaurant food
Kayal - South Indian cuisine (Vegetarian)
Rise of the Raj - Indian food