Please note that this programme is subject to change. Please contact the local organising committee as soon as possible if there are any problems with the scheduling.

Monday, 16th September 2019

Time Presentation
08:00 Registration
Venue: Main entrance, Stamford Court Conference Centre
09:00 Welcoming Statements
A representative of each host organisation
University of Leicester, UKSEDS, National Space Academy, ESA
09:20 The ESA Education Programme and its ESA Academy
Hugo Marée, Alexander Kinnaird, Natacha Callens and Piero Galeone
European Space Agency
09:40- 11:00 Session 1: The Educator's Perspective
Session Chair: Alexander Kinnaird, ESA
09:40 Educational Test Bench for Attitude Control of 1U Cubesats
Antoni Bonilla, David Gonzalez, Jordi Voltas and Javier Gago
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya
10:00 From Space to School – Earth and Moon Observation in Immersion and Experiments
Christina Nadolsky, Arne Dröge-Rothaar, Johanna Hemp, Judith Holländer, Susanne Hüttemeister, Lisa Keune, Alexander Küpper, Claudia Lindner, Cristal Schult, Johannes Schultz, Klaus Trimborn, Carsten Jürgens and Andreas Rienow
Ruhr-University Bochum
10:20 Exoplanets @ School - an educational program about hunting and analyzing exoplanets – meets the FREI project
Alexander Küpper, Oliver Morawietz, Julian Schillings and Andreas Schadschneider
University of Cologne
10:40 The Impact and Continuing Inter-Connectedness of the Space School UK Community
Daniel Robson, Áine O'Brien, Louise McCaul, Tim Hewlett, Seb Robarts, Ben Sutlieff, Heidi Thiemann, George Weaver, Lucy Williams, Matthew Nutter, Sheila Kanani and Tracey Dickens
Space School UK
11:00 Coffee Break

11:30- 12:30 Session 2: Small Satellite Missions
Chair: Aine O'Brien, UKSEDS / University of Glasgow
11:30 Supporting a University Satellite Engineering Team via Inclusivity and Initiative
William Crofts and Julia Hunter-Anderson
The University of Warwick
11:50 Combination of Interdisciplinary Training in Space Technology with Project-Related Work through the CubeSat SOURCE
Annika Stier, Robin Schweigert, Daniel Galla, Michael Lengowski and Sabine Klinkner
University of Stuttgart
12:10 To be announced
To be announced
12:30 Conference Photo
Everyone! Venue: To Be Announced
12:50 Lunch
Venue: Hospitality Area
13:50- 15:30 Session 3: Diversity & Widening Participation
Chair: Lilli Helps, University of Leicester / UKSEDS
13:50 Space Academy: A Journey from Hospital to Mars
Rachael Dixon
The University of Edinburgh
14:10 The need for an Inclusive Space Sector - a Student Perspective
Áine O'Brien, Anuradha Damale, Heidi Thiemann, Laura Martin and William Easdown
14:30 On the Impact and Needs of Various Audience Groups from Space Analogue Outreach and Education Programmes
Daniel Robson, Maria Grulich, Ghanim Alotaibi, Hannah Blackburn, Nathan Hadland, David Masaitis, Veronica Trivino Herrero and Natalia Larrea Brito
Space School UK / SGAC / FIT / IESL / ISU
14:50 The Implementation of Astronomy as a Teaching-Learning Tool at High School Students in Manaus
Luis Pereira, Ingrid Celeste and Igor Tavares Padilha
Universidade Federal do Amazonas
15:10 Touring space science: the HABIT Tour experience
José Antonio Gordillo Martorell, Javier Martin.Torres and Maria Paz Zorzano Mier
Luleå tekniska universitet
15:30 Coffee Break
Venue: Hospitality Area
16:00 Poster Flash Talks
Chair: Nigel Bannister
University of Leicester
17:00- 18:30 Welcome Reception
Venue: Hospitality Area

Tuesday, 17th September 2019

Time Presentation
08:30-09:00 Registration

09:00 Keynote Talk
Maggie Liu
European Space Agency
09:40 MELT: Monitoring Iceberg Calving using Synthetic-Aperture Radar
Alfie Baker, Sarah Pengelly and Mike Grocott
Camborne School, Cornwall, UK
10:05-11:05 Session 4/A: Small Satellite Missions
Chair: Daniel Skriba, BME-HVT Laboratory of Space Technology
Venue: Gilbert Murray Lecture Theatre
Session 4/B: Diversity & Widening Participation
Chair: Aine O'Brien, UKSEDS / University of Glasgow
Venue: Mowsley-Hoby Room
10:05 Simplifying The Design Of Smallsat Space Missions Using Innovative Tools and Platforms: BeeKit and BeeApp
Lucille Baudet and Dani Sors Raurell
Open Cosmos
Equality & Diversity in the Space Sector - Round Table Discussion
Panel to be announced
10:25 PW-Sat3 – third iteration of CubeSats developed at Warsaw University of Technology. Mission definition and feasibility study process description.
Marcin Pulik and Aleksander Kipiela
Warsaw University of Technology
10:45 Assembly, Integration and Verification Activities for a 2U CubeSat, EIRSAT-1
Sarah Walsh, David Murphy, Maeve Doyle, Rachel Dunwoody, Masoud Emam, Jessica Erkal, Joe Flanagan, Gianluca Fontanesi, Andrew Gloster, Joe Mangan, Conor O'Toole, Favour Okosun, Rakhi Rajagopalan Nair, Jack Reilly, Lána Salmon, Daire Sherwin, Joseph Thompson, Paul Cahill, Daithí de Faoite, Umair Javaid, Lorraine Hanlon, David McKeown, William O'Connor, Kenneth Stanton, Alexei Ulyanov, Ronan Wall and Sheila McBreen
University College Dublin
11:05-11:35 Coffee Break

11:35-12:55 Session 5/A: Space Subsystem Technologies
Chair: Daniel Galla, Universität Stuttgart
Venue: Gilbert Murray Lecture Theatre
Session 5/B: Projects with Ground & Airborne Facilities
Chair: David González, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya
Venue: Mowsley-Hoby Room
11:35 BiSKY Team, an aerospace-focused interdisciplinary student project
Sofía Llorente, Pablo Bedialauneta, Ángel Gil, Sofía Garaizar, Laura Burgos, Maria Carrillo, Daniel Lázaro and Pedro Luis Arias
Supporting STEM Education Through High Altitude Balloon Platform Development
Zsofia Bodo and Bence Góczán
Budapest University of Technology and Economics
11:55 Student perspective and lessons learned from participating in ESA ESEO mission
Dániel Skriba, Márton Borsi, Antal Bánfalvi, László Csurgai-Horváth, József Szabó and Zsolt Váradi
BME-HVT Laboratory of Space Technology
ESA and NAROM Student rocket program Fly a Rocket!
Bente Jensen, Chrsitoffer Stausland, Jøran Grande and Alexander Kinnaird
12:15 Development of an Active Thermal Louver for CubeSats Controlled via SMA Actuator
Dario Franchin and Florian Schummer
University of Padova / Technical University of Munich
Fly a Rocket! Undergraduate rocket science
Alondra Solá and Pablo Solano
EIATA - Universidad Rey Juan Carlos
12:35 Rapid Mission Concept Development at the 2019 Caltech Space Challenge: A Small Lander Network Studying the Habitability of Enceladus
Katiyayni Balachandran, Kelsey Doerksen, Erica Nathan, Paolo Cappuccio, Julia Di, Jared Fuchs, Alessia Gloder, Rebecca Jolitz, Monica Li, Dan Limonchik, Lotfi Massarweh, Atila Meszaros, Daniel Naftalovich, Thomas Peev, Marc Rovira-Navarro and Shreya Santra
University of Texas at Arlington
Davide Bellicoso
Politecnico di Milano
12:55-13:55 Lunch

13:55-15:55 Session 6/A: Scientific Results from Student Projects
Chair: Christina Nadolsky, Ruhr-Universität Bochum
Venue: Gilbert Murray Lecture Theatre
Session 6/B: The Educator's Perspective
Chair: Daniel Robson, Space School UK
Venue: Mowsley-Hoby Room
13:55 Studying Cell Physiology and Motility under Microgravitational Influence - Results of the FORAREX Mission on REXUS 25
Greta Sondej, Christoph Kulmann, Scarlett Gac Cáceres, Nils Kunst, Jan Blumenkamp, Diren Senger, Claudia Bruhn, Katrin Hättig, Johanna Hartmann, Niklas Kipry, Kay Menken-Siemers, Daniel Ripberger and Steffen Lohmann
University of Bremen
Evaluation of Preliminary Design Review (PDR) formats in student space projects
Esmée Menting, Lars Pepermans and Thomas Britting
Delft Aerospace Rocket Engineering, Netherlands
14:15 In-situ observation of ionospheric plasma aboard ESEO
Viktor Qiao, Tamás Kőnig, Zsolt Váradi, József Szabó, Antal Bánfalvi and Árpád Kis
Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Three main activities of the Department of Education of the Polish Space Agency for 2019-2020.
Cezary Specht, Andrzej Stepnowski and Sławomir Nichczyński
Polish Space Agency
Núria Agües Paszkowsky, Kyriaki Blazaki, Emily Chen, Jordi Coll Ortega, Gustav Dyrssen, Erik Fargerström, Georges Labrèche, Natalie Lawton, Pau Molas Roca, Emil Nordqvist, Muhammad Ansyar Rafi Putra, Hammad Siddiqi, Ivan Zankov, Rigel Kivi, Pauli Heikkinen and Juha Karhu
Luleå University of Technology
Towards aerospace engineering curriculum in Hungary
Laszlo Bacsardi, Janos Jozsa and Kalman Kovacs
Budapest University of Technology and Economics
14:55 FLOMESS - Flight Loading Measurement System for Sounding Rockets
Manuel Baader
Bundeswehr University Munich
REXUS Program Oucomes for the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Western Switzerland
Jonathan Hendricks
University of Applied Sciences and Arts Western Switzerland
15:15 The COSPAR Capacity Building Initiative
Carlos Gabriel
European Space Agency & COSPAR
Lessons learnt from operating ESEO educational spacecraft
Giacomo Curzi, Alberto Lucci, Alfredo Locarini, Dario Modenini, Paolo Tortora, Gilles Mariotti, Davide Cinarelli, Valentino Fabbri and Nicola Melega
University of Bologna / SITAEL S.p.A.
15:35-16:05 Coffee Break

16:05-17:25 Session 7/A: The Educator's Perspective
Chair: Iakov Bobrov, University of Sheffield
Venue: Gilbert Murray Lecture Theatre
Session 7/B: Airborne and Space Based Projects
Chair: Jess Goldie, UKSEDS / University of Leicester
Venue: Mowsley-Hoby Room
16:05 How cooperation between student groups and universities opens new possibilities for both the students and institutes
Rico Nerger
STAR Dresden
Remote Sensing Payload Development for High Altitude Balloons
Zsofia Bodo and Bence Góczán
Budapest University of Technology and Economics
16:25 Hands On Space Educational Activities at University of Nottingham
Chantal Cappelletti, Tanvir Hussain and Kathy Simmons
University of Nottingham
CLIMB - A 3U CubeSat to Van Allen Belt
Emmeric Vitztum, Kaarel Repän, Alexander Nemetz, Martin Eizinger, Carsten Scharlemann, Alexandros Sousanis and Ekin Ecem Baspinar
University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt
16:45 Spicing up your space education with CanSats, rockets and hackathons... – the Space Universities Network Recipe Book
Lucy Berthoud, Andrew Glester, Sufyaan Akram, Iuliu-Cezar Ardelean, Adam Baker, Nigel Bannister, Iain Hughes, Mark Jones, Jenny Kingston, Diana Mastracci, Osian Rees, Katharine Smith and Alex Young
University of Bristol
AIM (Artery In Microgravity): An ICE Cubes Mission by University Students
Olivia Drayson, Nicolò Bernardini, Amina Bakkali Abderrahaman, Luca Cerquetani, Alessandro Cipolletta, Blanca Dalfó Ferrer, Federico Falcone, Stefano Gabetti, Michele Genoni, Elena Torta, Federica Vagnone, Manuela Aguzzi, Chloé Audas, Matthieu Compin, Jean-Jacques Favier, Stéphanie Lizy-Destrez and Umberto Morbiducci
17:05 On the Effectiveness of an Interleaved Curriculum in Increasing Exposure of Secondary School Pupils to Astronomy and Astrophysics
George Weaver and Emily Seeber
Bedales Schools, UK
ASTRE : a student-directed space association building a 2U Cubesat and an Open Source ground segment
Anne-Sophie Calmejane, Hugo Daniel, Javier Navarro, Paula Marin and Quentin Peysson
Students Space Association of Toulouse
17:25-18:15 Break (Coach leaves Stamford Court for Public Talk at University of Leicester at 18:15)

Flight Software Development for the EIRSAT-1 mission - the pros and cons of kit-driven development
Maeve Doyle, Andrew Gloster, Conor O’toole, Joseph Mangan, David Murphy, Rachel Dunwoody, Masoud Emam, Jessica Erkal, Joe Flanaghan, Gianluca Fontanesi, Favour Okosun, Rakhi Rajagopalan Nair, Jack Reilly, Lána Salmon, Daire Sherwin, Joseph Thompson, Sarah Walsh, Paul Cahill, Daithí de Faoite, Umair Javaid, Sheila McBreen, David McKeown, William O’connor, Kenneth Stanton, Alexei Ulyanov, Ronan Wall and Lorraine Hanlon
School of Physics, University College Dublin
19:00-20:00 Public Talk
Dallas Campbell Venue: Peter Williams Lecture Theatre, University of Leicester
20:00-22:00 Dinner Expeditions

Wednesday, 18th September 2019

Time Presentation
08:30-09:00 Registration
Main entrance, Stamford Court Conference Centre
09:00 Keynote Talk
Suzie Imber
University of Leicester
09:40- 11:00 Session 8: Projects with Ground & Airborne Facilities
Chair: Rachael Dixon, University of Edinburgh
09:40 QUEST on BEXUS 27
Ric Dengel
University of Wuerzburg
10:00 Design and development of a 1-axis attitude control testbed for functional testing of EIRSAT-1.
Rachel Dunwoody, Joseph Thompson, Daire Sherwin, Maeve Doyle, Masoud Emam, Jessica Erkal, Joe Flanagan, Gianluca Fontanesi, Andrew Gloster, Joseph Mangan, David Murphy, Favour Okosun, Conor O'Toole, Rakhi Rajagopalan Nair, Jack Reilly, Lána Salmon, Sarah Walsh, Paul Cahill, Daithí de Faoite, Umair Javaid, William O'Connor, Kennth Stanton, Alexei Ulyanov, Ronan Wall, Lorraine Hanlon, Sheila McBreen and David McKeown
University College Dublin
10:20 Flight testing of parachute recovery systems aboard REXUS
Esmée Menting, Lars Pepermans, Elrawy Soliman, Thomas Britting, Mark Rozemeijer, Jochem Klaassen and Jos van 'T Hof
Delft Aerospace Rocket Engineering, Netherlands
10:40 Gamma-Volantis on BEXUS 28: From the first sketch to the launch campaign
Elisabeth Berka and Nils Hensch
STAR Dresden, Gamma-Volantis
11:00 Coffee Break
Venue: Hospitality Area
11:30- 12:30 Session 9: The Educator's Perspective
Chair: Esther Susana Rufat Meix, ESA
11:30 The ESA Academy’s Training and Learning Programme
Natacha Callens, Piero Galeone, Hugo Marée and Alexander Kinnaird
European Space Agency
11:50 Insight into the benefits of ESA Education activities: an overview of the next European space-related workforce
Federica Angeletti, Chaggai Ganani, Lars Pepermans, Timo Ruhl, Christopher Willett, Ferran Quiles, Francesco Latini, Mattia Reganaz, Laurentiu Nicolae, Javier Viana and Andreas Steinleitner
Sapienza University of Rome
12:10 Educational and Career Opportunities through the ASTRI programme: A Commercial Lunar Lander Project
Konstantinos Papavramidis, Alexis Barot-Froger, Christopher Grace, Kyle Hoult-Ellingworth, Francesco Margiotta, Björn Ordoubadian, Adam Welch, Sascha Wizemann and Nicolas Faber
OHB System AG, Germany
12:30 Lunch
Venue: Hospitality Area
13:30- 14:50 Session 10: Projects with Ground & Airborne Facilities
Chair: Rachel Dunwoody, University College Dublin
13:30 TRACZ - Testing Robotic Applications for Catching in Zero-g as the first step to research jamming phenomenon in the non-Earth conditions.
Adrianna Graja, Aleksander Gorgolweski, Aleksander Bojda, Łukasz Chojnacki, Kamil Bęś and Krystian Mirek
Wrocław University of Science and Technology
13:50 UK Analogue Mission Research: The Case for STEM Education and Outreach
Alex Owens, Konstantin Chterev, Dilan Kaplan and Thom Clark
UK Analogue Mission
14:10 Stratospheric muon detection – CADMUS BEXUS 24
Guillem Megias Homar, Gerard Pascual Lopez, Ramon García Alarcia, Adam Teixidó Bonfill and Roger Bahí Buhigas
14:30 Cosmic radiation environment modelling for the ESEO mission
Boglárka Erdős, Balázs Zábori and Attila Hirn
Hungarian Academy of Sciences Centre for Energy Research
14:50 Coffee Break
Venue: Hospitality Area
15:20- 16:40 Session 11: The Educator's Perspective
Chair: Ric Dengel, University of Wuerzburg
15:20 Development of Human Resources for Space Industry in ESA New Member States – Polish Perspective
Bartosz Widera
SENER Poland Ltd.
15:40 Building a Low-Cost Soyuz Simulator to Teach Orbital Navigation
Ignaty Romanov-Chernigovsky and Gongling Sun
International Space University
16:00 The Sheffield Space Initiative - Introduction, motivations, and impact assessment.
Roisin Clear, Yun-Hang Cho, Sagar Shah, Joycelyn Fontanilla, Marwan Taher, Vishan Birakasan, Georgios Rontogiannis and Viktor Fedun
Univeristy of Sheffield

16:40- 17:00 Closing Statements

18:15-23:30 Gala Dinner
National Space Centre. Coaches leave from Stamford Court at 18:00. Return coaches leave National Space Centre at 23:30.